I’m a big believer of a hands-on approach to learning. As a former instructor for undergraduate robotics courses and student outreach competitions, I witnessed the value of project-based learning. Even for myself through my time as an undergraduate and Ph.D. student at UC Irvine, I felt that I was truly gaining and retaining information when I got to work on actual projects.

It was only natural that I found that robotics was a great way to take advantage of this way of learning. This blog was created to embrace the trend of students, teachers, and hobbyists shying away from textbooks and leaning more towards online resources to get their information. At The Bored Robot, you can expect instructional posts on hardware, engineering design, and product reviews to provide guidance, and hopefully inspiration, for your robotics or engineering projects. 

I value the importance of education and correct information. If you have any critiques, suggestions, or any information is incorrect, please feel free to comment in the posts directly or submit a message to the contact form.